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Introduction Accreditation of Relevant institution

Suriya Nauman Rehan & Co. Chartered Accountants was established as a result of merger of Nauman Rafique & Co which was established in 2007. At the forum of Suriya Nauman Rehan & Co., we are dedicated to provide quality services to our clients in different areas with the highest level of integrity.  Our team consists of professionals of the highest caliber who keep abreast with latest changes in the fields of Finance, Contracts Management, Taxation, Accounting, Auditing, and Corporate.

The Firm is accredited by the ICAP having satisfactory QCR rating and among few practices, in Islamabad, who have been approved by Quality Control Review board of the Institute Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

The firms is also an improve firm by Karachi Stock Exchange. The firm is also authorized by the State Bank of Pakistan to conduct audit of Bank and Financial Institutions and have been enlisted in B category of the Panel of auditors maintained by the State Bank of Pakistan.

All the assignments are handled professionally working closely with our clients. Formalized methodology and state of the art technology is applied on our assignments to assure that they are completed according to agreed specifications. Clients are kept informed of the constantly changing business environment through counseling, publications, circulars and memoranda.


System of Quality Control:

Quality management is a key concern at Suriya Nauman Rehan & Co. Comprehensive policies and procedures have been developed to ensure quality of services rendered by the firm covering all dimensions of audit quality including  Independence, Integrity, and Objectivity Personnel Management, Acceptance and Continuance of Clients and Engagements, Engagement Performance and Monitoring.

System of quality assurance are objectively prepared to ensure that services are competently delivered and adequately supervised. Because of the public interest in the services provided by and the reliance placed on the objectivity and integrity of CA profession.


Quality Assurance Mechanism


Peer Review:

Implementation of Quality Assurance Mechanism is primary responsibility of all partners of the Firm. The firm has delegated powers to Mr. Khawar Shahzad Jaffar CPA, member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as peer reviewer who ensures quality of various audit assignments executed by different offices of the firm and more specifically quality of audit reports issued. The quality assurance peer review the audit working papers and other significant information in support of the audit reports being issued to check whether reports are issued with adequate audit evidence and no material issue remained un addressed.


Audit reports and other deliverables signed by Khawar are submitted to Mr. A Rahim Suriya to apply quality checks and assure quality. The whole process of quality assurance is documented to demonstrate compliance with policies and procedure for quality assurance.


A quality assurance report is compiled annually based on documentation prepared during quality assurance process. The quality assurance report gives feed-back in shape of recommendations to all partners and managers of the firm for corrective measures to be adopted in future for continuous improvement.

External Arrangement:

The firm has voluntarily adopted QC programme of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. Under the programme the firm is subjected to QC review of ICAP conducted at regular intervals. A list of all Audit reports issued during such interval is given to ICAP giving significant information about the clients. The ICAP selects a sample of audit reports which are checked for quality control as per the working papers prepared by the firm to support the audit opinion.

After completion of review process, the QC report is submitted to ICAP QC board. Which issues a clearance certificate or otherwise. The Firm has been rated as Satisfactory QC rating by ICAP.


Professional Trainings

The Staff members are given adequate trainings on different aspects of quality assurance and best practices being followed in the world. It is mandatory for all staff member to undergo training of at least 40 hours per annum. For continuous training, we have signed an MOU with leading accounting training institute of Pakistan i.e. SKANS. Moreover, the staff members are encourage to participate in all Continuous Professional Development program arranged by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). Both these institutes provides various courses and conduct CPD activities of more than 500 hours per annum.


Islamabad Office

House No. 2, Street No. 2, F-7/3, Islamabad, Pakistan. Tel. # +92512610931-2,Fax # +92512610954 E-mail: nauman_73@yahoo.com, nauman@nrcca.pk

Karachi Office

Suit No. 705, Dilkushan Forum, Near Sindh Lab, Tariq Road, Plot No. 7, Block 3, DCHS, Karachi. Tel. # +922134304188-89, +922134303159, Fax # +922134304996 E-mail: rahimsuriya@hotmail.com

Khanewal Office

House # 2146, Near Masjid Arsh-e-Bareen, Colony No. 3, Khanewal. Cell No. 0334-9986360, E-mail: mdrn@live.com

Lahore Office

No. 103, First Floor Regency Plaza Mini Market, Gulberg II Lahore Phone: +92 42 35755212-3