Sales Tax Consultancy

Educating entrepreneurs about the benefits of organizing business and giving a corporate structure to their entities.
The Firm provides a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of income, sales tax and other taxes.

The services regarding direct taxation/Income tax and other taxation include preparation and presentation of accounting records and financial statements for tax assessments, tax registration; tax planning and strategy development; obtaining confirmations, clarifications and permissions from the tax authorities; conducting tax audits; preparation and filing of tax returns, finalization of tax assessments and undertaking representations, objections, and appeals.


Tax Statements: Preparation and filling of the tax statements is often very tedious and laborious process. There are number of a statement which needs to be filled on different dates on regular basis. Non-filling, filling after due dates and filling wrong information may attract heavy tax penalties. We will ensure timely preparation and filling of the tax statements, without you worrying about the submission dates or correctness of the information filled.


Corporate Tax Returns: We will prepare your annual tax return and will ensure that you will have enough time to review it before filling. If you are availing our Accounting Outsourcing Services (AOS), then this service is for FREE. Our team of professional will ensure that you should get all the benefits and exemptions under the relevant tax regulations resulting in optimizing your tax liability.


Individual Tax Returns: Preparation of the individual tax returns is often considered as a task, which doesn’t require professional expertise. We think it is just like self-medication, where the after effects are far more treacherous compared to the immediate relief. We strongly recommend and offer our services, especially to those who are also running their own businesses, for the preparation of individual tax return, as this could affect both the individual taxpayer and the business itself.


Tax Planning: Tax planning is crucial for a successful business. Whether you are an individual or a multi-tiered partnership, our experienced staff can develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation.


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